External Relations

The External Relations Department promotes, protects and enhances Jersey’s international identity and reputation. 

The department offers advice to ministers and supports other departments in their engagement with other jurisdictions. It monitors and advises on international developments, and ensures the Island’s external obligations are fulfilled. This diplomatic role has become essential to Jersey’s strategic, economic and policy objectives, and has a new significance in promoting Jersey’s continued success amidst the current climate of European constitutional uncertainty.

Focus for 2017-2019

  1. Maintaining all necessary diplomatic relations for the economic health of Jersey.
  2. A special focus on relations that may change due to the implications of BREXIT.
  3. Modernising services and creating efficiencies that mean money is spent where it is most needed.

Savings & New Revenue

The Department contributes significantly to economic growth initiatives and as such has been largely protected from making savings with an appropriate adjustment having been made to the Economic and Productivity Growth Provision.

The Department is however contributing £36,000 in savings over the period 2017-2019.

2017 - 2019