The Department for Education provides educational opportunities that begin at nursery and continue into retirement as part of our commitment to encourage lifelong learning. 

We are focussing on raising educational standards and meeting the demand created by rising pupil numbers.

Focus for 2017-2019

  1. Raising educational standards for all ages.
  2. Meeting demand created by rising pupil numbers.
  3. Modernising and creating efficiencies that mean money is spent where it is most needed.

Savings & New Revenue

In 2015 and 2016 the Education Department will have made total savings of £3.8 million. The department is now committed to making a further £3.9 million of recurring savings between 2017 and 2019 by:

  • Increased partnership working with the commercial, voluntary and community sectors and States departments
  • Using Lean techniques to streamline services
  • Making the most of technology to increase efficiency
  • Reducing subsidies to fee-paying schools
  • Introducing means-testing for fee pre-school education
2017 - 2019


In addition to the £4.8 million of additional funding in 2016, to support our key areas of focus we will be allocating a further £5.7 million of growth between 2017 and 2019 for:

  • Early years services
  • Investing in non-fee paying schools
  • Supporting children from lower income families
  • On-going support for apprenticeships
  • Enabling more students to attend university through grants
  • Increasing levels of staffing where required
2017 - 2019